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Kerriann Ostlund (formerly Kerriann Macdonald) is a Massachuetts-based author who writes stories from the heart. 

Since the age of seven, Kerriann has always loved to tell stories and creating books. Her first "book" was a story she wrote and her friend illustrated, and when she was eleven, Kerriann wrote her first multi-chapter book. This only spawned Kerriann's love of writing, and she vowed to one day publish a novel of her own. 

Kerriann's writing has gone on to create many unique opportunities. At the age of seventeen, an essay she wrote was selected as a finalist in a city-wide competition. When Kerriann was in college, she won a prestigious award for her writing that involved her having dinner side-by-side with a local author at her school, along with other prospective authors. 

Kerriann went on to graduate college with her Bachelor in Social Work, and went on to get her Master in Social Work. Yet, Kerriann's affinity for writing never left her. In May of 2018, Kerriann published "Good Enough," a story largely based on true events of an abusive relationship Kerriann was in from the age of seventeen until she was twenty-three years old. 

A story that Kerriann felt needed to be told, she has gone on to have a number of speaking engagements as a result of her novel's release. She has spoken at local hospitals, community agencies, middle schools, and high schools about her story and the prevalence of dating violence in young teens. Kerriann has been selected to speak at the National Association of Social Workers-Massachusetts Chapter's Annual Symposium further about this prevalent topic and to bring more awareness to this rising issue. Kerriann's goal in sharing her story? To demonstrate to others that they are not alone, and that there is hope. 

Kerriann's most recent novel, "Signed With Love" is based on her real-life adoption experiences that Kerriann hopes will go on to bring awareness to the complications, joys, and hardships of adoption.

Kerriann continues to live in Massachusetts, and lives with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. In her spare time, Kerriann enjoys dancing, reading, kickboxing, and yoga. 

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